Manual extraction of hair follicles

Advantages of manual extraction over motorized harvesting methods (automated extraction)

As for the extraction process Dr. Krem exclusively uses a manual punch (FUE-extractor) to diligently harvest the grafts from the donor area. As it can be adjusted in diameter and length of the hair follicles the manual punch will allow for exact and precise harvesting. Dr. Krem deliberately refuses the use of micro-motors (automated punch) for the extraction of hair follicles as his personal skills, his medical experience and artistic brilliance will become evident with manual extraction only allowing for a costumized and individual treatment and respecting the personal predisposition of a patient.

2000-3000 Grafts per day

At our clinic Dr. Krem and his medical staff will achieve a daily workload of 2000 to 2500 grafts (follicles) for the extraction and the relocation process. With patients allowing for a faster extraction process even 3000 grafts can be possible for the daily spectrum. As efficiency and experience feature essential characteristics of our clinic we are achieving a similar amount of hair follicles (grafts) per day to be redistributed as in clinics using motorized extraction methods (micro-motors / automated punch). Unlike micro-motors the manual extraction process being performed at Dr. Krem´s clinic will cause no damage to the grafts nor does it influence the transection yield of hair follicles.

Disadvantages / Dangers of motorized harvesting (automated extraction of grafts – micromotor)

With automated / motorized extraction tools (micro motor) grafts (hair follicles) will be harvested from the donor area without considerably respecting the texture of the patient´s skin, the follicle conditions, their individual structure and position/location. As every layer of the patient´s skin may vary in structure and condition any use of motorized tools or automated punches (micro-motors) will prevent specific or instant reactions of the hair surgeon. While motorized FUE-extractors will consistently be producing a mechanical heat during the procedure the danger of an unwilling transection of hair follicles (damage of the hair pupil and root) is going to rise and will affect the final growing yield.

Advantages / Benefits of manual extraction

With the use of precise and highly developed extraction tools Dr. Krem is able to diligently answer to complex structures of the patients´skin and help for a save extraction of the grafts. As for automated / motorized punches the physician will not be able to react to scarring skin (as it may occur after several hair transplants) nor will the doctor get instant feedback about the skin’s complexities like dense layers of the epidermis, fat or dry conditions of deeper skin layers or soft and hard layers. Dr. Krem has years of experience with performing hair transplants to instantly and accurately react and respond to different skin structures and respect the location of grafts when utilizing manual extraction tools professionally. As this is part of his exceptional skills Dr. Krem regularly achieves high growing yields with his patients.

State of the art technology / high-tech instruments / medical equipment / tools

For both the extraction and the relocation process involving the preparation of incisions via “lateral slit” Dr. Krem and his team exclusively use modern and highly developed medical instruments only. An explicit sharpness of the blades and the manual punches helps to reduce instant bleeding and allows for a higher precision and accuracy. Dr. Krem uses the latest medical equipment made by Coleinstruments featuring a leading standard for hair restoration worldwide.

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