A summery about the Highlights and advantages of the HTFC in Turkey – Istanbul/Ankara:

  • High Value FUE Hair Transplant = Low Cost, cheap and affordable prices and high quality!
  • HFTC performs FUE Hair transplant exclusively!
  • FUE since 2002 and since beginning only exclusively FUE and no other beauty operations”
  • Dr. Krem is one of the first FUE doctors in Turkey!
  • Manual extraction by the physician personally!
  • Make of the receiving openings by the doctor personally!
  • Dr. Krem is a plastic surgeon!
  • Inserting of the grafts by experienced assistants. The assistants have been working with the doctor since the beginning and have never been replaced. Experience since 2002!
  • The FUE Surgeries take place in a clinic approved by the government!
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