Hair Transplant in Turkey at Highest Level

Services of Dr. Krem and the HTFC (Hair Transplant FUE Clinic) in Ankara and Istanbul in Turkey

The hair transplant procedure

When arriving at the clinic of Dr. Krem patients will be welcomed by our friendly and knowledgeable staff before being introduced to the procedure. Our entire team is seriously concerned about every patient’s comfort. Our mission is to make you feel as comfortable and pleasant as possible during your stay at our clinic. Our medical assistants comprehensively care for the patients and clients to provide them with all amenities possible as we don’t want them to feel over-concerned about the procedure.

After a personal investigation Dr. Krem will discuss your individual goals and prospects for the future based on the analysis of your personal hair status. This includes an economic graft management respecting the patient´s personal donor supply as much as a professional design of the receeding hairline to achieve the best and most natural outcome possible. Patients will be instructed comprehensively about the procedure. Every patient will also receive a post operative package and will be given all necessary information for the period post transplant.

Our highly trained staff will then prepare the patient for the procedure before Dr. Krem will start with the extraction process. During the procedure patients can sit back and relax or watch a movie. After the harvesting/extraction process is completed everyone will be allowed for a break and have lunchtime before Dr. Krem will start with the relocation process preparing the grafts / hair follicles for the placement to the balding area. During the entire procedure the patient will not feel any pain due to a consistent use of local anesthetic.

HTFC in Turkey: Lateral-Slit Method / Redistribution of Grafts / Recipient Area

As for the placement of grafts to the recipient site Dr. Krem will exclusively perform the Lateral-Slit-Method. With Lateral-Slit minimal incisions will be prepared to place the hair follicles into the balding area. Lateral-Slit allows to precisely and accurately place the grafts very close to mimic pre-existing hair. This impressive technique is currently performed by leading hair surgeons worldwide. As it also allows for Dense-Packing physicians can achieve very high densities on patients.

After Dr. Krem has prepared the incisions at the recipient site the two medical assistants of the team will start to place the grafts (hair follicles) and finish the relocation process. Our clinic has an experienced and highly trained team performing hair transplants for many years. Dr. Krem has great confidence in his assistants and never replaced or changed his team since 2002. Continuity with an experienced medical staff lays the foundation for high quality services, comprehensive care and a pleasant climate of confidence.

The fue hair transplant clinic in Ankara and Istanbul

During his career as a plastic surgeon Dr. Krem has widley gained experience for cosmetic surgeries to continuously ensure high level procecures with best quality for his patients. With personal care, precision and accuracy he will provide high quality hair transplants in a clinical environment to qualify for highest standards. Every room of the clinic is designed for modern state-of-the-art hair transplants as being performed with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and will display the exlusiveness of our services. As for Turkish legislation surgeries may only be performed in special clinic rooms approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Our clinics in Ankara and Istanbul and all of our clinic rooms exclusively meet the legal requirements of the Turkish Government and will be provided for hair transplant surgeries only.

The Hair Transplant FUE Clinic (HTFC) in Ankara and Istanbul – Turkey exclusively performs FUE Hair Transplant

Beauty-travel businesses are currently dominating market activities in foreign countries such as Turkey due to a constantly rising demand for plastic surgeries at lowest rates. The wide spectrum of plastic surgeries achive strong attraction to patients looking for low-cost offers abroad. As a matter of fact numerous travel agencies as well as low-prizing clinics are now flooding the market while providing services, which do not regularly meet the expectations of their patients since they have only little knowledge, skills and experience

After his career as a plastic surgeon Dr. Krem is exclusively performing FUE hair transplants since 2002. Based on specialization and constant training Dr. Krem successfully achieves natural outcomes on patients with FUE, featuring the latest state-of-the-art method for hair transplant. As FUE hair transplant asks for full attention of the hair surgeon Dr. Krem is dedicating his entire diligence and experience to the hair restoration process only and refuses to offer a further spectrum of plastic surgery in his clinic. Dr. Krem and the entire team are fully convinced that patients of the clinic may only benefit from the high level of their exclusive services when concentrating on hair transplant only.

FUT – Strip Harvesting / Follicular Unit Transplant / Strip Surgery vs. modern FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

As FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) features the highest standard and state-of-the-art method for hair transplant Dr. Krem has refused to use outdated techniques such as Strip Surgery (Strip Harvesting – FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant) for the hair restoration process. While still being practized at clinics around the world strip harvesting (strip surgery – FUT) has become obsolete since minimally invasive methods for hair transplant such as FUE have been proven to be more effective and less harmful to patients.

Despite some impressive success of the strip technique (FUT) on patients with progressive balding in the past the common practice of FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) has caused a painful recovery time and embarrassing moments due to a linear scar being left behind. With FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) a strip of tissue will be cut out from the back scalp. It will later be divided into the grafts (hair follicles) by the use of a microscope (isolating the grafts) to be prepared for the transition to the balding area. The wound at the back side of the scalp will then be sutured or stapled leaving a linear scar behind. As this may often appear embarrassing to patients strip harvesting has become more and more outpaced by the minimally invasive FUE-method (Follicular Unit Extraction) during the last years. Furthermore a number of hair follices will be damaged via strip technique since the hair surgeon has to cut out a whole tissue from the scalp via blade or scalpel and will not be able to extract single follicles.

Patients undergoing a hair transplant with strip harvesting / strip transplant (FUT) will have to accept a longer recovery time during which the laxity / elasticity of the skin is exposed to a higher level of stress. After every strip surgery (FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant) a long linear scar at the back of the scalp will be left behind causing great embarrassment and emotional distress. Patients undergoing a hair transplant via FUT (strip technique) will have to wear their hair longer post transplant to cover the scar and disguise the effects of the surgery.

As progress and technology allow for minimally invasive hair transplant methods Dr. Krem has decided to exclusively perfom FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) as the latest state-of-the-art method for hair transplant to avoid harmful and embarrassing effects and achieve more natural results on patients.

Accommodation / Costumer Care / Travel and Transfer in Ankara and Istanbul – Turkey

When arrving in Turkey patients will personally be picked up at the airport by our driver bringing them to the hospital or the hotel. During the whole procedure patients will be accomodated in a 3-star hotel close to the clinic ( ( or The entire transfer and accomodation will exclusively be arranged by the clinic and is included in our rates. As for our patients there is no need for further preparation.

During the whole stay in Turkey personal costumer care will be provided by the clinic. Furthermore patients will receive a complete set of medications for post transplant use. This includes antibiotics and painkillers.

As for the day of departure Dr. Krem may want to have a last investigation. We kindly ask you to plan your trip (flight) accordingly.


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